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Long rent apartment intensified industry reshuffle has listed companies began to divest the business

Date: 2019-07-15

Rent the apartment sector thunder is slowly fading.Last year, compared to the excitement of the tuyere in 2017, the noise of the large explosion ray, in the first half of this year the industry became more low-key.

Rent the apartment industry profit issues still unresolved for a long time, due to the continuing losses, there has been a listed enterprise, began to peel the business.

Industry reshuffle intensified

In recent years, due to the support of the country, the scale of the rent the apartment is more and more big.In addition to occupy a certain market share in the market freely, rubik's cube, music by institutions such as operators, enterprise, housing lease areas have also started to layout.According to the data provided by the g who, according to enterprise, as a main force in the field of rent the apartment, after years of precipitation, the current domestic scale enterprise, plunged nearly half enterprise layout rent the apartment.

In 2018, is the rent the apartment industry suffered unprecedented crisis, was questioning from crazy robbing houses, to formaldehyde, large to rent the apartment broke in enterprise, the new industry gradually began to self purification in the crisis.

According to incomplete statistics, 2018 the number of older rent apartment broke up to 11, including rent good live, changsha best tenants, kai believe Asia, hangzhou ding jia, shijiazhuang the guest house of yi, HaoYuanHeng industry in Beijing and Shanghai, you'll see the apartment, the final failure reasons are mostly capital chain rupture.

Decided to rent the apartment institutions to the financing situation of life and death this year also did not see improvement.In the first half of 2018, under the impetus of the policy, the enterprise special bonds to apply for the window period, many companies have special bonds issue also supplement working capital, for the enterprise to enter the second half, however, plummet, enterprise, and real estate funds dominate the housing rental special debt repeatedly by regulators suspended or terminated.

Room dongdong, founder of the fog told the China times reporter, most of the rent the apartment institutions now alive is to rely on financing, the financing of small and medium-sized long rent apartment agency cost is very high, the average is around 15%, but its profit is limited, most still at a loss, financing would be tantamount to quench thirst.Rent the apartment will spend this year winter, an obvious money capital this year are very cautious, to rent the apartment of heat in the lower, institutions losses year after year, which year losses to all don't know, even if the report is done again good, also difficult to raise money this year.

The differentiation between the agency is intensifying, the financing difficulties of common cases, some enterprises still have a lot of money to support your head, le on successfully completed more than one hundred million yuan in 2018 B round, rubik's cube in March for $150 million D round of funding.Also has restricted by capital drag to scale expansion of apartments, such as the future field affected by investors capital chain rupture, management scale and the flat last year.

58 housing room production research institute, chief analyst at adenocarcinoma said in an interview with the huaxia times reporter, from the point of rent the apartment industry itself, the first phase of the "and" pack is nearly complete, long rent of the apartment operator's brand on the number of rapid growth is drawing to a close, the number of 2019 older rent apartment had been a decrease.The second stage is the ascension of industry concentration, namely "oligarchs", and now this one phase will continue for a long time, the scale is the logic behind the head of short-term profit, but not the head enterprise in the future survival and development space is small.A large number of small and medium-sized brand rent the apartment also belongs to the normal elimination for the future.