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Hong Kong and Macao tourism visa pause, several foreign airlines grounded in China airlines

Date: 2020-01-30

Prevention and protection measures at home and abroad is still in the upgrade.

Until January 29 17 44 points, the new coronavirus infection pneumonia confirmed cases of 6078 cases, 9239 cases of suspected cases killed 132 people and cure 114 people.Among them, the wuhan confirmed 1905 cases, 125 dead, cure 84 people.

On January 28th, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, director of the national center for respiratory system disease clinical research, high level expert group leader zhong had an interview with xinhua.Zhong nanshan, expects the outbreak will likely peaked in about a week or ten days, not the growth of the mass.

In front of the epidemic is still climbing, prevention and protection measures at home and abroad is still in the upgrade, Hong Kong and Macao tourism visa pause, railway departments to extend refund deadline, several foreign airlines grounded in China airline...

And constant, is the nation with new coronavirus is determined to fight is the confidence of the wuhan, escort the whole of China.As zhong said in an interview: "the wuhan said originally is a hero of the city.Across the country, everybody's support, wuhan is sure to pass."

Dynamic message

The state administration of immigrants to suspend travel visa for mainland residents between Hong Kong and Macao regions

On January 28, the state administration of immigration announced that from now on, the exit-entry administration department of the public security organ to suspend acceptance, examination and approval, issued by mainland residents to Hong Kong and Macao group travel, individual travel "a week" (including shenzhen) endorsement, recovery time will be published separately.

Mainland residents have valid during the course of a suspension for tourist visa, but failed to travel to Hong Kong and Macao region, the exit-entry administration department of the public security organ will be back to Hong Kong and Macao tourism policy, according to their own willingness to free to deal with in the validity of the same type and tourist visa.

Hong Kong closed high-speed, part of port passenger transport suspended

On January 28, the Hong Kong special administrative region chief executive secretary lam epidemic held a press conference, announced that Hong Kong will introduce a series of measures, further reducing both across borders, and called on Hong Kong people in the mainland 14 back to Hong Kong and stay at home as soon as possible.

Secretary month moths, said the mainland will be the first to put the skids under the "free line" visa 49 cities, with business, visiting relatives and other reasons can still be entry visa.West high iron, hung hom, Kowloon inter-city express all divisions to suspend;The mainland to Hong Kong flight halved;Cross-boundary ferry services suspended;Reduce the cross-border bus shifts.Some port will also be suspended passenger services, Gao Tiexi station, hung hom, Kowloon station port will temporarily shut down;Sha tau kok and man kam to crossings, China ferry terminal, Tsim Sha Tsui and tuen mun terminal passenger service will be suspended, the above measures from early January 30 0, until further notice.

The United States not to cancel the flight

According to CCTV news reports, local time on January 28th, two U.S. government officials told the media, the White House is considering scrapping all flights between China and the United States.The White House has more than 28 told us the airline executives, for fear of a new type of coronavirus outbreaks, considering scrapping all flights between China and the United States.

Then, the People's Daily reported that, according to Reuters news agency said, citing people familiar with the local time on January 28, the White House in the day to discuss the new method when the outbreak of coronavirus, chose not to suspend flights to the United States to China.

The United States will new coronavirus entry screening airport increased to 20

According to People's Daily reported that the United States centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) 28, announced that in response to the new type of coronavirus, will bring the number of American airport for entry clearance from 5 to 20.

Railway departments to extend the refund time limit

According to People's Daily report, railway departments decide to use tickets bought for cash or on 27 January 24 in exchange for paper tickets before passengers (including reimbursement vouchers), temporarily unable to refund to the station, to extend the refund time adjustment.

Who buy on or before 27 January 24 to date in January 28 to February 26 24 ticket, can be postponed to March 25 refund before 24;Every ticket coupon hair stand home station stops, channel closing in station channel refund within 30 days from the date of may;Cancellation must be in the ticket or starting point of each station, continue to free fares, when dealing with railway take risks together to deal with.From the 12306 web site to buy not for paper tickets (including reimbursement vouchers), still can refund formalities on the Internet.

Beijing suspended for the entry and exit certificate business

According to the Beijing daily, January 29, the Beijing municipal public security bureau of Exit and Entry Administration issued the city travel reception site arrangement:On January 31 solstice on February 2nd, suspension travel reception hall, foreigners travel services in the city (large) and police station to accept the point of entry and exit hall reception site carry out entry and exit certificate of foreign business.On February 3 normal foreign office (Monday).Period, the municipal public security bureau of exit and entry administration will set up the green channel, to cure for emergency and severe cases, visit the critically ill patients, to deal with emergencies and other special reason need to go abroad immediately outside the exit of the Chinese and foreign applicants certificate is dealt with emergency services.