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シュウ グアン インターナショナル ホテル (Shu Guang International Hotel Nanjing), ホテルは鼓楼区の龍蟠路にあります。玄武湖に面して、駅に近いです。門の前は広場と地下鉄駅です。周辺は食事や街を散歩するのが便利です。江楼、明城壁公園などの観光スポットを見に行くのもとても便利です。


  • Nanjing Lukou International Airportからホテルまでの距離はどのくらいですか?

    シュウ グアン インターナショナル ホテル 空港へ40.6km。

  • シュウ グアン インターナショナル ホテルに空港シャトルバスのサービスはありますか?


  • シュウ グアン インターナショナル ホテルのチェックイン時間とチェックアウト時間はいつですか?

    チェックイン時間:14:00以降, チェックアウト時間:12:00前です。

  • シュウ グアン インターナショナル ホテルにプールとフィットネスはありますか?


  • シュウ グアン インターナショナル ホテル の敷地内にレストランはありますか?


  • シュウ グアン インターナショナル ホテルにはブロードバンドまたはWifiがありますか?


  • シュウ グアン インターナショナル ホテルは前払いを受け入れますか?


  • シュウ グアン インターナショナル ホテルはレジットカードでの決済を受け付けています?


  • シュウ グアン インターナショナル ホテル朝食はいくらですか?

    朝食 CNY68/人。

  • シュウ グアン インターナショナル ホテルの宿泊料金はいくらですか?


クチコミ 詳細
  • y849516253
    Which is very nice
  • ann0902
    All were very good, especially the breakfast was excellent.
  • e00327718
    Friendly, facilities, convenient transportation, is happy with the price of the book, in short, OK.
    Good location, good facilities, good service, very satisfied, but also to
  • baibai1980
    Just next to the train station, Metro station just below the station, very convenient. hotel rooms, 22/f, Windows is Xuanwu Lake, the scenery is good. hotel facilities, clean, next time you go to Nanjing will also take into account here.
  • blamm128
    Awesome super near from the railway station opposite the Xuanwu Lake facilities very good
  • E05316760
    Hotel, location is good, just 2 minutes from the railway station, but top-floor revolving restaurant, motor is broken, not turned, the food quality is not high, not much varieties, especially beer.
  • everwang
    Close to the train station, the transportation is convenient, the price is fair
  • allegra_l
    For high-speed rail travel and didn't want to met taxi trouble of business travel for is choice of selected. service, room comfortable degrees are is good of, revolving restaurant and Lake King room face basaltic Lake also are feel good. just 15 yuan of razor quality is too poor, also not containing must cream, let people is annoyed, fine of Hotel do don't pursuit petty bad has brand, next to also will live, hope as soon as possible improved.
  • c00012497
    Stay was very good, near train station, very convenient.
  • aeron0
    Hotel services, room comfort, facilities are complete.
  • lelia1203
    Feel good, happy. away from the station. is surrounded by the Lake.
  • ccpeng01
    Nice, convenient
    The room was very clean
  • rose.yu
    Is located in Nanjing railway station next, opposite is basaltic Lake, live in room in window is Lake King, is beautiful, is quiet! traffic convenience, out is Metro station Line 1 line, can direct urban. is business travel of is good select, Xia has train on can directly staying. lobby spacious gorgeous, looks on is has grade, waiter attitude is good, also has security also good, can help set taxi. anyway next also will consider live of.
  • tjyblue
    Which is very nice
  • terrycoulson
    First said hotel of location distance railway station very near, can said has station mouth to right go is 100 meters of distance. say grade completely surprised I of expected, was is a resplendent of star hotel, service personnel of attitude is good, room also good, is big Oh! last said traffic, around the road bus are has, regardless of is Presidential Palace, Zhongshan ling, also is Confucius Temple are is a station type arrived, and fare just 2 Yuan money!
  • sun2581401
    Hotel is good, parking is relatively trouble, outsiders are not easy to find parking.
  • doggedxuefeng
    Rooms need to be perfect, intimate point of service will be better.
  • fanfan050131
    Nanjing shuguang hotel in Nanjing Shuguang International Hotel next to the train station, the traffic is very convenient. subway to tourist areas directly.
  • guxiao214
    Which is very nice
  • new.core
    Reception staff friendly, and praise one! in particular check-in when the bright-eyed short hair beauty, there is a 68 behind, impressed, praise!
  • xiaofanli
    Hotel location good, Qian has basaltic Lake, for early walking, also for Lai bed see Lake King. Although first days staying didn't get are Lake King room, but front desk promised 2nd days on to room, and gift has more copies breakfast. breakfast also good, West are has, clean taste also good. hotel in the dinner price affordable, component also foot, and outside Hotel eat almost! new year during staying, this thought people less service discount, staying Hou only found hotel service personnel from front desk, to mealThe Office, Pack to room service are very good, it is a 4-star standard. parking fees, but the hotel has a parking pass can match.
  • joegogo
  • e01136779
    Catch a train is still very good! very satisfied!
  • e03379167
    To Nanjing at the beginning, little perturbed. station West exit, it will see the dawn of the 32-story hotel. service class, health class, the room luxurious. really really satisfied. standing at the window and looked down, Xuanwu Lake skyline. really really very beautiful!
  • cuolin
    This hotel is located in the annex to the Nanjing railway station, the traffic is very convenient, but rather poor lunch service, à la carte food sometimes after more than an hour, and there is no waiter tubes.
  • samurai
    Railway noise. Breakfast has an extra pay
  • life1976
    Ordered the lake view, the overall feeling good, hotel is very good
  • cebbobo
    It's not bad
  • llddee
    Every time you go to Nanjing Hotel.
  • tiptopman
    Hotel services are quite nice, accommodation in Nice
  • llitue
    Just west of Nanjing fire, a taxi is not really convenient hotel facilities old points, air conditioning is not very good, sound is a little big.
  • go6838
    Well next time will stay
  • oddstar
    Nice, will choose to stay.
  • cenyani6621
    268 of the 4-star hotel in Nanjing, was worth!
  • liufy_6
    This is probably the worst star hotel I have stayed in, mess in the arrival hall, Assistant Manager is like a decoration, rooms at very slow, queue-nobody, is more crash, which hotel occupancy this year have to photocopy after signing? Room was broken, old furniture, carpet, door a lot more odor. only one socket on the desk, still the hotel's wireless router, and I can only moved to the bathroomOn the refrigerator Cabinet Office. Bath water really bad, small water, water also has a smell, controlling the water temperature for a long time, only thing that is good is shower gel and shampoo. To tell you the truth, other than the location is convenient, I really can't find any reason to come to this hotel again. In conclusion is a very unpleasant experience, I have to send a good gripe in the early hours, or estimate it's awake.
  • summer52562727
    Traffic definitely. Nanjing South railway station square is, next to the Metro and bus stations. Xuanwu Lake are. but the facilities are generally less than four stars is almost. breakfast is to pass the standard. Transport hub due to its proximity to the transportation is convenient, and problems also come. environment. Overall if you want to find a convenient right here. If you want a quiet and comfortable then he should change place. also booked a family suite, bed in their ownSmall room, curtains cannot hide in the corner, leading to a bright morning light shines in.
  • A770084
  • E04822038
    Good, is old!
  • effie285
    Very close to the train station, convenient. but old facilities.
  • alive33
    Good grades, the environment elegant, but more noisy, service quality is good.
  • lily_5003
    Station is not close to top restaurants are cheap!
  • e00190391
    Overall OK location
  • a19730428
    Next to the train station right
  • lower
    Heating is enough ...
  • benmiao
    OK, left Nanjing station very close. convenience. room, great, but a little old.
  • singapore8613
    Which is very nice
  • liying220
    Because has parking, so compared Hou select price most cheap of dawn, conditions is good, although 26 floor can heard train sound, but not effect sleep, specials standard room like General hotel of family room, a Zhang room is living room added small bed, another a between separate of bedroom is big bed, three a people live completely didn't problem. Hotel conditions also is good, completely four star standard.
  • Geoffcn
    Good location, just next to the hotel, but recently the price has gone up again and also complex, itself next to the railway station, to limit access to personnel.