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Nanjing Shuguang International Hotel (Shuguang International Hotel Nanjing), Das Hotel befindet sich in Longpan Road, Gulou District, mit Blick auf den Xuanwu See, in der Nähe des Bahnhofs. Vor dem Tor befindet sich der Platz und die U-Bahn-Station. Es ist bequem zu essen und zu shoppen. Es ist auch sehr bequem zu Yuejiang Turm, Ming City Wall Park und andere malerische Orte zu gehen.

die Lobby hat elegantes Layout, einfaches und geräumiges Gästezimmer Muster; LETV is t im Zimmer installiert, auch wenn Sie nicht ausgehen wollen, werden Sie sich nicht langweilen, und Sie können das Panorama von Xuanwu See im Hochhaus überblicken.

können Sie ein leckeres Frühstück im Restaurant haben, wenn Sie morgens aufstehen. Es gibt auch Tagungsräume und Mehrfunktionsräume, die viele Bequemlichkeiten für Geschäftsleute bringen.Nach einem anstrengenden Tag ist es besser, in den Fitnessraum zu gehen, um den Druck zu lindern. Der intime Parkservice löst auch das Parkproblem von selbst fahrenden Reisenden.
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  • e03136490
    Train station really close!
  • e00039296
    The hotel is easily accessible, very clean, free fruit gift, breakfast variety, taste great!
  • cicileung
    Order for boss
  • carrie8899
    Lake-view big bed room nice! sound is not very good, you know.
  • abc033047
    Very good
  • tang24101
    Next to the hotel, travel is more convenient
  • e00005381
    Nice staff, good location
  • calboy
    Hotel business was too busy checking out for a long time, especially in the morning, and I suspect that is why railway station, I hope that the next morning the hotel arranged a few more people at the main station, the convenience of our customers.
  • dreambetty
    Transportation is convenient, but the train through the night is a bit noisy outside
  • e03111516
    Later than the six-point agreement for more than three hours to get to the hotel, in accordance with the regulations have canceled orders. very patient at the front desk for help queries, help me to restore order, and upgraded rooms. service really good. here are super nice front desk of Wang Hui-Chan
  • Jamesling2005
    Have always loved this hotel, staff are very familiar with, walked into a hotel at home, very comfortable.
  • exceed
    Service very friendly
  • as2158
    Air conditioning in the room at a higher temperature, couldn't, and heat of the day more difficult to fall asleep
  • e04472706
    Hotel location is close to the train station and Metro, convenient travel! breakfast daily-changing too little
  • guoxiaobo1999
    Not bad, pretty good.
  • caiyf_c
    Advantages; a is on in railway station side Shang, while also has Line 1 line, Line 3 line two article Metro line, also has more than 10 article bus line after, travel very convenient; II is downstairs on has KFC, McDonald's, Christina silk Ting, aunt dumplings, century Hualian, many chain, buy things also convenient. II is landscape is beautiful, downstairs is basaltic Lake. shortcomings a is price in with level hotel in the partial high, II is air conditioning has noise 3, midnight can heard train of whistle sound.
  • Alan2008
    OK. rooms on the Lake of good
  • linjia21266
    More convenient transportation, close to the train station, Xuanwu Lake
  • lg4120
    Well, come to Nanjing is here
  • aileen10011
    Which is very nice!
  • crispin1225
    Special room, below is the track, always sweeten the sound. feel good.
  • aswitty
    At the train station, very convenient by car, top, you can see the Xuanwu Lake, big room, very comfortable bed, great.
  • guoxing
    Although four, should also be able to do better, needs to be improved! taxi very inconvenient
  • Miranda00001
    General General General General General General General General General General General General General General General General General General General General General General General General General General General General General General General General
  • miao516928
  • atala
    Great location, convenient
  • cattielover
    First time staying at this hotel, like other online discussion on, it's too noisy!
    Close to the train station, and convenient transportation. side room some of the noise on the tracks.
  • e01928535
    Extremely convenient to the train station. Xuanwu Lake, the haze, so I didn't get a good feel.
  • dpp1314
    The atmosphere of the room, upscale
  • joyceguagua
    Good accommodation!
  • ljw619
    All right
  • beibei0028
    this hotel is in general ok, price value is alright, directly located at the railway station and easy access to subway.if you dont care much high standards, then is this hotel alright. staff is trying to help, a bit limited with english, but also ok. just need a place for sleep, go there
  • cdcddd
    OK, price is less good, others can also, next time, could you take two breakfasts, can
  • soe268
  • angelmay_521
    Nice staff, good location
  • etexp
    Location near the train station, and convenient transportation. KTV, six-floor, there may be noise from the floor lower. breakfast. service is great.
  • jess__wu
    Often, very good.
  • lgd18
    Also nice is the room you want to watch lost his wallet in the room was depressing
  • figure
    Satisfactory, cost-effective travel
  • bbmali
    Good, hotel is situated around the train station, the transportation is convenient, is ideally
  • cdliunan
    National day with children a three mouth to Nanjing play staying of first home hotel, 518 Yuan Lake King room, but see basaltic Lake not in are opposite, and in hotel of right a angle, somewhat small regrets. hotel room not is big, wallpaper somewhat off has, but is clean of, sheets is white, texture is comfortable. bath of shower head cannot take down, night to children wash hair ear are water has, is not convenient. hotel in provides has free of small bags wash clothes, is convenient of, full with Shang has.Breakfast for 1 person, out of the 48 plus a copy, really value, breakfast was very comfortable, especially the boiled noodles. Very good location, opposite the railway station in Nanjing is the result because we are not familiar with the line and beat a taxi, really good sites, also convenient.
  • wrgs123
    Fortunately, regular live
  • geetree
    Convenient location near shopping dinner especially Xuanwu Lake scenic panoramic view
  • e03329966
    Lobby level room, health, and service, very close to the train station and convenient.
  • xiemm401
    Good accessibility
  • aee99090
    1. room facilities good; 2. breakfast needs improvement; 3. convenient
  • Leon611
    Accommodation and vehicle parking fees, staff unfriendly, hoping to improve the
  • Justin80
    Nice hotel, nice hotel, nice hotel, nice hotel, nice hotel, nice hotel, nice hotel, nice hotel, nice hotel, nice hotel, nice hotel, nice hotel, nice hotel, nice hotel, nice hotel, nice hotel,
  • ivy1217
    Good location, facilities and Han, will come again.